What is/ measure my PD (Pupil distance)


Pupil Distance, (how far apart your eyes are)

(PD) is the distance between the pupils in millimetres. This measurement is needed when prescription lenses are being mounted in your optical frames. Most adult PD's are between 60-65mm. The average being 63mm.

To get your PD you can click our link below, or measure yourself with our guide further on.

*Our PD master will measure your PD for you.*

You will need a webcam and either a coin or a bank card. Click the link above and have your PD measured for you. 

 If you do not have a webcam it is also nice and easy to measure your PD yourself, read on:

 To measure your PD yourself:

  1. Stand with your face about 20cm from a mirror.
  2. Close your Right eye and look only with your Left eye.
  3. Place a ruler flat against the mirror and align it horizontally with the millimetre scale pointing up.
  4. Look over the top of the ruler and align the zero mark in the centre of your Left pupil.
  5. Open your right eye and close the left, but do not move your face or the ruler.
  6. Read the millimetre measurement corresponding to the centre of your Right pupil.

To measure your PD with a friend (If you have glasses):

  1. Using a non permanent marker ask you friend to stand directly in front of you and mark a dot in the centre of each pupil on your glasses.
  2. Your PD is the distance between these dots in millimetres.


Why do I need to this?

Your PD determines where your prescription is centred in your lenses. IE you want where your eyes sit naturally to be the clearest part, the further away your eyes travel from this point in your lens the less clear things will become.

The higher your prescription the more important this measurement. 






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